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My insurance company is steering me to a certain body shop; do I have to go there?

The answer is No. You do not have to go to the preferred repair center. The vehicle owner has the option to choose the repair center. You simply need to state to the insurance claim adjuster that you have an auto body repair center that you choose to use. The process from there varies from insurance companies. With many companies they will send out an appraiser to inspect damage and start the process. Some companies will accept a copy of the damage report from the repair center along with a photo for their review. In any case the vehicle owner always has a choice.

Will the paint match?

The complexities of today’s colors and materials has never been more challenging. That is why Don’s Auto Body refinish technicians are certified by the Axalta refinishing process, which includes written standard operating procedures and annual testing of knowledge. The investment in training, equipment and materials has never been more important. Because of this investment Don’s Auto Body is able to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all refinish repairs. This continuous training in color technology ensures customer satisfaction.

Is it necessary to get multiple damage reports (estimates)?

NO! A damage report is a very important part of the repair process. It should list all the visible damaged items and specify whether it will be replace or repaired and the associated cost to perform that operation. If someone else is paying (insurance, or a third party) to have your damaged vehicle repaired you are required by state law in Missouri to get one damage report. If the paying party disputes the repair cost it is their responsibility to secure a second or any additional damage reports. As with any other major service you have performed we recommend that you ask many questions and check with friends and family for referrals before deciding. Don’t let price be the only factor in your decision.

To whom and when do I pay my deductible?

The deductible amount is determined by the policy holder at the time of the policy purchase. Most insurance deductibles are payable at time of service to the service provider. Vehicle collision deductibles are usually paid to the repair center when you take delivery of your vehicle. If you are unsure of your deductible amount for an auto claim you can contact your agents office for any information or look on your insurance card. It is always a good idea to check your deductible amounts before you need them. Different types of claims have different deductibles.

I was told you are a “preferred shop” for my insurance company. How can I be sure you’re not working in their best interest and not mine?

In many cases the preferred shop that belongs to the network offers some type of saving to the insurance company. The best way to assure your best interest is to ask a lot of questions about what is being done to your vehicle and what other options may be available. Ask why one way of repair verses another? Ask about the warranty. Is it good even if you leave the current insurance company? What does it cover and for how long? I recommend that you ask your friends or co-workers if they have had any experience with the repair center. Also the BBB is a source for information. You can always call a couple of insurance agents in the area to see if they have any feedback. We have found the best barometer for a professional business is the quality and amount of positive reviews. This is where you should go first. Many agents are the first to hear if there is a concern. Call an agent that does not represent the company paying for the claim. It’s your car, you should feel comfortable with the repair center. If you are not, ask for a different repair center.


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